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#RidingItOut - latest update from the Endura clan


In our latest update, we'd like to share news of the work we've been doing to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic that makes use of our expertise in rapid garment development and advanced production techniques.

Starting this week, we’re working in collaboration with Keela, Redwood TTM and Transcal to provide significant volumes of PPE to NHS Scotland. Using specialist fabrics produced by Don & Low, the project will provide more than half of the non-sterile gowns needed for health and care workers in Scotland. Working with NHS Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, the project developed a design specification for a PPE gown that improved the manufacturability to facilitate a rate of production that met NHS Scotland's requirements. Base materials and finished gowns have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the relevant material and performance standards.



In addition, we've also been working with NHS England to design and develop re-usable gowns using a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane donated to us by our sister brand, Berghaus. Samples are with NHS England for certification and we hope to put these into production soon.

Using our existing stocks we donated all of our available stock of suitable eyewear to surgeries and health centres and through our supply chain we've sourced quantities of face masks and PPE eyewear that we'll be able to send out to care homes and childcare hubs that are in urgent need. With the help of Pentland Brands, we've also been able to connect NHS Scotland with reliable, known mask manufacturers who can provide surgical masks (Type IIR, Type II), certified respirator masks (FFP2, FFP3) and protective eyewear (EN166).

Manufacturing activities are being carried out on a transparent open book not-for-profit basis, whilst eyewear and mask are being donated free of charge.

As a result of this work, our headcount is increasing again and so we continue to adapt the way we work to ensure the safety of staff. We've enabled appropriate social distancing, split shifts with no overlap and introduced sanitary cleaning between shifts. The Pentland Brand family of companies has a pandemic response team who provide us with updates on best practice as it becomes available.


These continue to be challenging times and so we want to thank you, our customers, for your ongoing support and the amazing Endura team for the efforts they’re putting in.

Jim McFarlane, Endura’s Managing Director:
We’re pleased to finally have both the fabric and an approved design of medical gown to be able to help the NHS when PPE is in such short supply. Obviously it has taken some effort to restructure our production for social distancing during COVID-19 but we have managed to reconfigure to allow return to full production capacity.

Although our people have been on full pay whilst production has been shut down, they have been desperate to get back to work and in particular to help support the NHS when we have all the skills and equipment here to do the job. We’re not making any profit from the project but people really want to know that they are earning their pay and helping to save lives and that’s far more important that money right now.


#RidingItOut together.

Last updated: 13/05/2020


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