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Dirty Reiver – Essential Kit For An Epic Gravel Adventure

Some riders obsess about watts, heart rate, gear ratios, wheel size, tyre width, tread and pressure- Endura’s Product Development team obsess about creating the ultimate micro climate around the body and using the wonders of modern technical fabrics to enhance comfort levels to let you focus on enjoying the ride.

No matter how fit you are, Dirty Reiver is going to be a long day in the saddle and there’s going to be some pain and suffering, but with the right kit, you can make a real difference to your performance when riding long distances over tough terrain.

Your primary contact point with your bike probably can potentially be your biggest limiting factor on a ride like the Dirty Reiver. If the pad in your bibshorts (and you are using bibshorts?) rubs you up the wrong way then you’re going to know all about it before you hit the first feed station. That’s why we hit the innovation button and re-imagined the pads as a customisable part of your riding kit. With three pad sizes, developed conjunction with gebioMized after hours of lab and real world research, the Pro SL Bibshort delivers love at first sit.

Most riders are aware of the basics of layering technical apparel to achieve an outfit (or system) which protects you from the elements, provides the relevant level of insulation and effectively wicks sweat away from the body to keep you dry from the inside. Building versatility in to your layering system is the key to all day comfort without carrying a massive wardrobe to cover all eventualities. 

Outer Layer - Endura’s MTR Shell is a favourite with the company’s own gravel and fast MTB crew, sitting perfectly on that fine line of being packable and light, yet waterproof and breathable enough to cope with some seriously nasty weather at a decent intensity. Features are stripped down to remove excess bulk resulting in a pack-size not much bigger than a can of Irn Bru. With multiple test wins and highly positive reviews from the most respected bike industry journos it’s clearly not just Endura’s staff that love this piece.

Warmers - Arm and leg (or knee) warmers may appear somewhat strange to the non-cyclist but these simple thermal tubes are arguably the ultimate in versatile bike wear and once you start using them you’ll never look back. The obvious, but critical beauty of warmers is, like the packable shell they can be easily removed and stashed away mid ride, ready to be put on again should the need arise.

Lightweight Gilets like Endura’s PakaGilet are generally windproof and at least water repellant so will work well in dry or showery conditions, offering protection to critical areas but allowing air to move around the body, aiding moisture management. Waterproof variants such as the FS260-Pro Adrenaline are effective even in heavier rain.

Insulated Gilets such as the Pro SL PrimaLoft® make a fantastic mid or outer layer in a variety of spring, autumn and winter conditions, from around freezing point paired with a thick mid and base layer underneath up to 12C or even 15C on a windy, dry day. These again pack down small enough to go in a back pocket and are very lightweight.

Base Layers - It goes without saying that a good base layer is the keystone of any technical apparel system and can make or break the outfit. Knowing what works best for you is essential so think about what you need most- wicking should be the priority if you sweat heavily, whereas insulation needs to be the focus if you really feel the cold. Merino Baselayers provide excellent insulation and temperature regulation, even when wet, but they don't dry as quickly as a good man-made fibre meaning they work well for low to medium intensity riding, but are not so well suited to all out, high tempo blasts. 

Gloves - The hands are one of the most vulnerable areas of the body to the cold, but it’s really hard to give advice on the right glove for a set temperature as the difference from person to person tends to be very high.

Multitube - Try a quick experiment riding with and without a multitube around your neck in the same conditions to see what a massive difference such a simple item can make to how warm you feel. A large amount of heat escapes through the collar and neck area, so blocking this off can really help keep you warm and pulled up over the chin and ears this thin layer can provide incredible warmth.