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#EnduraCustom – Always Racing

Endura’s production department is the whirring heart of the company and has been since we were founded in Scotland all the way back in 1993. The #EnduraCustom team, based at our head office here in Scotland, work with clubs across the globe to create the finest cycling and triathlon kits utilising the same cutting edge production facilities that we use to make WorldTour ready technical apparel for the superstars of the WorldTour in Movistar Team and Bigla Team and the world beating Atherton Bikes crew as well as our outstanding roster of long distance triathletes.

#EnduraCustom is made for racing but how long does it take for a jersey to make it from a plain white roll of fabric on a shelf in our warehouse to the finished garment on the back of a rider? We grabbed a stopwatch and found out by sending a Pro SL Race Jersey right through the process.

00 hrs 00 min
Our custom graphics team submit the finished design file end design file to the printshop and our high-tech printers whirr into life, with multiple panels appearing line by line as the print head whizzes backwards and forwards.

Meanwhile, a single sheet of lycra is rolled out onto the cutting table with a CAD layplan laid on top. This is then passed onto our automatic fabric cutting machine. This high tech bit of kit cuts out each of the 9 panels used in a Pro SL jersey much more quickly and importantly with a lot less waste than a traditional hand cutter.


00 hrs 08 min
The printshop wins the first stage, with the prints hitting to the drying rack almost two minutes before the cutting machine’s head parks itself.

00 hrs 11 min 
Prints and panels make their way to the heatpresses. Our operator first creates a sandwich of printed pattern, fabric panel and a paper blank which is laid out carefully on the presses surface. A button press sends the sandwich clanking out of sight into the press where the real magic happens. A mix of heat and pressure releases the inks from the prints and places them directly into the fabric. 30 seconds later and the transformation is complete – the fabric panels are now full of colour and the paper sheets are sent for recycling.

00 hrs 21 min 
Each fabric panel is laid out for a quick check before being passed upstairs to our sewing floor. Here, our highly skilled crew of machinists – one of the biggest garment sewing teams still operating in Scotland – bring everything together, one stitch at a time. Panel is added to panel with a full length zipper added to (literally) draw everything together.

01 hrs 06 min
One final inspection by our eagle eyed QC team and the jersey is now ready, working its way next door to our changing rooms for Lewis, one of our Customer Service team and in-house model, to slip on for a spot of photography. Stop the watch! 

With WorldTour level kit, low minimums and outstanding lead times, it's time to take a look at how #EnduraCustom can help bring your ideas to life for your next team or club kit. Our ordering processes have been steamlined to make the experience as hassle free as possible. Find out more here.