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New year, new goals

Now that we’re into the first full week of 2019 and have already had a chance to break our general purpose new year’s resolutions (the author’s: eating less chocolate, drinking fewer refreshing beverages, phoning their Mum more regularly), it’s time to set some funner, bike related ones.



We’re looking forward to hearing about your plans for 2019. Hit us up on social media and tell us more.

1. Ride more often - for most of us, this is easier said than done as the dreaded real life hovers around getting in the way and scuppering riding plans. If it’s not real life getting in the way, then it’s often real weather putting a dampener on things and making it all too easy to bail from planned riding.

No more. 2019 is your year. Try setting aside some regular bike time or make a commitment to choose the bike over the car for the commute for easily gained saddle time. As for the weather, it’s not that grotty, even here in Scotland...

2. Ride new places – we’ll hold our hands up and say this is one for us to work on. Living somewhere like Scotland it’s all too easy to get lazy and ride on our amazing mix of MTB terrain or head to the Borders and its amazing, quiet roads. This year we’ll be riding further afield. We hear Wales is good – where would you head?



3. Ride new things –as you’d expect, the clothing company that caters for all tribes of riders, like all types of bikes, but there’s always something new to try. Hold our coats and fetch the first aid kits, we’re heading to the skate park on wee wheels.

Don’t fancy grazed knees? Time to try out track riding with an introductory session or grab your CX bike and point it towards some gravel roads.


4. Try a new event – not everyone is going to hit the podium, but it really is the taking part that counts. Check out your local race scene and pick something new. Maybe this is finally the year that you do that triathlon you’ve been threatening to sign up for? We’re committing to racing our local track league (and you are our witnesses) – time to get our left turns on.



5. Put something back – there are loads of ways to do this in cycling, but here’s a few to get you going:
Marshall at the local race, clubs are always looking for volunteers and if you choose the right event, there might be cakes afterwards.
Look after your trails – join your local trail maintenance posse and help keep the berms beautiful.
There’s been in surge in active travel organisations helping get new people onto two wheels, get in touch with your local one and see if they need volunteers.
Recycle wisely – rather than chucking those less than perfect wheels or letting your parts fester, check to see if there’s a local bike recycling group that can make use of them..