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As the masters of foul weather gear for all tribes of riders, Endura have you covered this winter with a wide range of kit to keep you warm and dry no matter what kind of horrors that the weather can throw at us. Our winter range is constantly evolving, with clever use of the best fabrics there to help keep you happy in the saddle.



Mountain bikers get the undisputed heavyweight champion of the jacket world in the MT500 Jacket and big kids can strap themselves into the MT500 Waterproof Suit for the ultimate in puddle proof gear. Roadies get our fresh new #BluebirdDay colourway throughout our flagship Pro SL range to brighten up the gloomiest of rides and commuters get the superb new Urban 3 in 1 Jacket as well as new additions to our well respected Luminite range.



But how about your bike? There’s no point in being the best dressed, best protected rider out there if your bike is a rusting pile of parts in the corner that’s too dirty to touch, with sticky gears and non-existent brakes. We picked the brains of our very own Brendan Milliken, one time Endura Racing mechanic and non-fair weather commuter to find out his tips on prepping your bike and helping to keep it tip top shape.



Mudguards – nothing beats a set of full set of mudguards to keep you and your bike clean. Even when it’s not actually chucking it down, it can often rain from the ground up, covering you and your bike in the nasty mix of diesel, salt and muck from the road surface. Even if your bike doesn’t have clearance or mounts then it’s often possible to get bodging and attach cut down mudguards with the help of a Dremel and some zip-ties.

Clean and clean again – if your bike is already too dirty to touch, then give it a good clean – degrease the chain and give every nook and cranny a good clean with some car shampoo and rinse off with clean water (and dry if you can). Then do it again. And again. And again...

Lubricate – once your chain is clean (see above), it’s time to give it a proper lube. We suggest a good, winter specific lube. Apply sparingly and wipe off any excess. If you can, then pop off your gear and brake outers and get a little more grease on the cables to keep things sliding along.

Reflect on this – you’re kit has reflectives, but how about your bike. The urban jungle is a dark place in winter, so add some retro-reflectives to shine some light back at drivers. Pedals and moving parts are great places to add eye-catching reflectivity. We don’t need to mention lights in this bit do we?

The dreaded puncture – we’ve probably all stood at the side of the road, cursing in the darkness as we try to inflate a slow puncture with just enough air to make it that final mile home. Well worth sacrificing a bit of weight and adding chunkier tyres for winter. A Co2 inflator and some latex gloves are well worth packing away with your spare tube too to get you back up and running with minimal mess.

 That’s some ideas from us. How about you? Head onto our social media channels and share your winter tips with fellow Endura fans.