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Embrace the dreich

Embrace the dreich. Much as we like nice warm days out the trail, there’s something special about squeezing in a big ride into a short winter’s day and battling the deep glaur that comes from weeks of solid rain.
As you might expect from a Scottish apparel brand, we spend a lot of time out in the wilds testing kit to keep you warm and dry even when it’s tipping it down and it’s raining from the ground up too. We’ve gathered together some hints from our crew of riders as well as some kit ideas to keep you out on the trail this winter. Keep an eye on our social media channels for photos of us out on the trails.
  • Nothing kills a ride like a preventable mechanical when it’s dank and cold. So is your bike truly winter ready? Bikes that get ridden through the gloop of winter naturally need a bit more TLC so get into a routine and don’t just chuck that manky bike into the shed when you get in. And when was the last time you checked your tyre sealant?
  • One flipping speed –scared of destroying your good bike? Bodge together a singlespeed for a maintenance-lite option. It's not necessarily a start on the path to self-destruction...
  • Break out the rakes – it’s not just bikes that benefit from extra love in winter. Keep an eye out for spots on your local trails that might benefit from a quick tickle with a mattock. A wee bit of de-berming or drainage work will pay dividends when things get properly damp. Remember to trailbuild responsibly, m’kay...
  • Work on your skills. Gain the skillz to pay the billz with regular sessions working on some trail techniques that you know aren’t quite up to snuff.  Grab your riding buddies and get a follow-me session going – wheelies, manuals, cornering, bunny-hops – whatever comes to mind. Adding a competitive edge keep everyone on their toes. No-one wants to be last, right?
  • Really can’t bothered riding? Check out your local winter races and put a little back by marshaling a winter race or two. Heckling optional.
MT500 Waterproof Jacket – with more titles than the most celebrated prize fighter, the MT500 Jacket is the undisputed champion of mountain bike apparel delivering ultimate weather protection for epic mountain bike adventures.
Wms SingleTrack Jacket – the rain stopper. 3-layer fabric to provide reliable wind & waterproofing. The SingleTrack Jacket is perfect for trail-riding as well as traversing through traffic.
MT500 Waterproof Glove – a new addition for winter, this gloves adds a seam sealed, waterproof, breathable membrane to our rider’s favourite MT500 Gloves, keeping the same great pad-free palm for maximum bar feel.
MT500 Spray Trouser – ditch that rattly mudguards this winter and protect your posterior in the MT500 Spray Trouser, available in a new mango colour that matches perfectly with the MT500 Jacket.
Hummvee Shaket – reversible and versatile, chuck our new casual, insulated shaket on to keep warm whilst you enjoy post-ride pint or cake.