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AdventureUS - planning a micro-adventure

Adventure comes in many forms and many sizes. We’ve been following The Adventure Syndicate’s amazing exploits this year. From #Southbound to the Silk Road Mountain Race and of course, Jenny Graham’s brilliant, unsupported round the world record ride but for most of us real life can often intervene. Jobs, family and pets are all very well, but they can be a bit of a distraction...



So if you can’t take weeks out of your life to go on a big trip, we advocate the micro-adventure movement. Short, achievable adventures that you can slot into your life without burning up so many brownie points that you’ll never see the outside world again...



Some starter ideas – why not hit us up on social media and share yours?

  • Breakfast commute. Pack a stove and some snags and find a nice spot on your ride in to work for brekker out in the open.
  • The overnighter. Grab a bivvi bag, a suitable sleeping bag and head out to a somewhere near you where you can watch the sun come up before re-entering civilisation
  • The mad dash. Work > bikes > bothy > bikes > work. We’re working on it. Keep your eyes peeled for evidence.



Our five tips for micro adventures
Achievable radness. Make sure your plans are do-able and not just the bit out on the bikes- how likely is that flyer from work on a Thursday? Choose something that’s too tricky and you’ll put things off and never do them (like the Beinn a'Bhuird/Ben Avon ride I had planned for this summer – but that’s another story). Pick something that’s in range for a micro-adventures and it’s more likely to happen. Sounds simple, but it’s often hard to resists adding a wee bit more and a wee bit more...

7Ps – perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance. A useful military adage that adventurers should borrow. Having learnt the hard way that you should always check that you have fire lighting tools if you want a fire in a cold bothy it pays to take time to prepare properly. Whether you use a mind map or a plain old list of stuff it pays to be prepared.

Get ruthless about gear. Having once lugged six inner tubes on a three day MTB trip, it’s well worth having a proper think about what you plan to pack around. Do you really need a pump each? Split the essentials between riders for a slightly easier ride. Don’t skimp on the essentials – good whisky weighs the same as bad whisky after all...

Listen to Wainright. Old Alfred was right when he said that there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. Which is where we come in. Kit for micro-adventures is spread right through our wide selection of kit. The MTR and MT500 ranges will provide the bulk of your riding kit, but you might want to think about a Pro SL Primaloft Gilet to wear on cool mornings, or before you get the fire on. How about a pair of our new FS260-Pro Adrenaline 3/4s for additional leg coverage.

Document. In the modern world then if it’s not on social media then it didn’t happen. Make sure you take lots of photos and video and encourage your friends to join you on your next trip with photos of crispy trails, the sun rising over town or a fresh cup of joe being enjoyed in a secret alfresco spot before work.