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Protect yourself!

Back when we first started, our legendary MT500 *lycra* shorts featured a double layer side panel that created a simple slip surface in case of fall and that was about all the protection that most MTBers needed. As time has gone by, mountain bikes have got more capable and trails have got gnarlier and the days of pads and protectors being a thing solely for DHers are long gone.

Over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in developing our MTB protectors and now all types of MTBers are covered. We work with the best gravity athletes to develop and refine our protection products and the Athertons, Mikayla Parton, Hazzard Racing and the Lupato Brothers shred DH and enduro races across the globe in our gear. Protectors so good that they’re #AthertonApproved.

Our MT500 knee protectors use D3O technology to supply soft, flexible shock absorption through the wonders of non-Newtonian principles. These wonder materials stiffen on impact to dissipate energy and reduce transmitted force, before returning to their flexible state – just what you want for all day pedalling comfort and hard charging race runs. Two new MT500 products using D3O join the range this year – a third member of the MT500 knee protector family and gloves that max out on comfort and bar feel.

The new Endura D3O Ghost Knee Protector is super-light, super-flexi and super-comfortable for all day riding, whilst still being fully certified to CE EN 1621/1. By using D3O’s new Ghost insert, we’ve engineered a pad that is so lightweight and flexible that it truly has a barely there feel.

As bars get wider and trails get tighter, the chance of your hands coming into contact with trail side obstacles increases. Our new MT500 D3O Gloves help keep you on it, by supplying protection just where you need it If you’re new to the world of MTB protectors – maybe hitting trails on an eMTB for the first time – then SingleTrack collection is for you. SingleTrack has a full range of knee elbow and shin protectors, including lite versions for warm weather riding.

If the little rippers are hitting big kid’s trails, then SingleTrack has them covered too, with SingleTrack Youth Elbow and Knee Protectors are full featured and a built tough for rider of age nine up. Just like the rest of our kids kit, we’ve brought down the size but kept the spec and style dialled up.

That’s why we say #ProtectionIsInOurDNA